Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research to conclude our final rating; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete.

Here is our rating system:

 : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
: Very good.
: Acceptable.
: Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning.
: Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.


  • : Our endorsed candidate won.
  • : Our endorsed candidate lost.

California Supreme Court (Vote Yes/No)

  • Carol Corrigan: 7 (JI: 7, Q: 8) Yes  
  • Leondra Kruger: 3 (JI: 3, Q: 3) No  

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; Sixth District (Vote Yes/No)

  • Nathan Mihara: 7 (JI: 6, Q: 8) Yes  
  • Mary J. Greenwood: 4 (JI: 1, Q:7) No  
  • Allison Marston Danner: 4 (JI: 1, Q: 8) No  

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